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Visions of Gold - Photographic Event

Visions of Gold - Our second Photographic Event. If you haven't guessed already, this event was GOLD themed. This all inclusive event included many hand crafted props and headpieces as well as specially sourced clothing. We designed and created 4 different sets: each model had 2 sets. Joining us on the day were 6 brilliant photographers.

Our event was held in the studio for 3 and a half-hours. In this time the photographers were able to capture some beautiful golden images, some of which are shown in this blog. We hand crafted many of the props which took hours and even days to create. Each petal on the flower crown was hand painted. The gold palm set included a hand made skirt and leaf belt. There were also many other hand crafter props. We partnered up with a small antique shop located next to the studio who provided us with a few props to use on the day.

We loved creating this event, however we would be happy to never see the colour gold again!

Thank you to all those who were involved and came to the event.

Models: Georgia C and Caitlin J

Styling: Georgia C

Lighting: Andrew Mcmeekin

Location: Shoreline Studio Lowestoft

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