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Take a look at a small sample of the testimonials left by our clients.

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Elle Baldwinson

"I was fortunate enough to be booked on an incredible event by Shoreline studio a couple of weeks back! I absolutely loved the theme behind this event. 


It was such a pleasure to be involved on this day, Georgia, Andrew and Jake worked so hard to bring this event together and made sure all the photographers received a great variation and a good amount of time to shoot. From a model’s perspective I was looked after so well on this shoot and provided with drinks and food which was so nice and much appreciated. 


I will always admire the creativity and styling that goes into shoreline studios events and I am super excited to be working with them again in the future! I could not recommend them more to both models and photographers!"

Alec B

"Honestly I am so grateful to the absolutely brilliant Georgia for introducing me to this studio & the superbly brilliant studio owner Andy which made driving the 129 miles from St Albans to the studio & the return 129 miles more than worth it & thankyou unbelievably brilliant informative instructive, well planned & this is the immeasurable benefit that was gained for me.

When I first spoke to Andy back in March about booking the studio I did state to Andy I would need his guidance & tutoring along with Georgias excellent model capabilities to produce a good outcome of images.

Andy is simply brilliant in sharing & teaching his vast immeasurable fashion model experiences with those who are looking to gain vital improvements to their own photography.

I learnt a new studio lighting set up, learnt how to gain angles & my own placement to take them.

Thankyou Andy for teaching me hair, object, shadow landscape & portrait so many things I learnt from Andy & Georgia really looking forward to my August booking.

Andy & Georgia really look after the photographers & models including location shoots, beach, everywhere, car parking, local B&B that Andy has connections with.

This is the best go to coast based studio I could ever want.

Thankyou Andy & Georgia.


Mark A

"Shoreline Studios 'Into the Wilderness' event, something I had been looking forward to attending for sometime and it didn't disappoint. A lot of thought, work and attention to detail had gone into the design and styling of the sets & outfits from Andrew & Georgia who were as always very welcoming. Pre-comms was excellent with details & directions to the location sent out in good time. We shot six different sets throughout the day with three outstanding models. Lunch was supplied along with a constant supply of refreshments which was really appreciated as it was such a hot day. I have attended a few different events run by Shoreline Studio now and they are so well organised, I highly recommend them.


Thank you Andrew, Georgia for an excellent day and looking forward to the next one."

Mitchell B

"I first contacted Andrew for some photography tuition. My knowledge & confidence has grown expotentially over just a few sessions. His knowledge of lighting and posing models to achieve exceptionally meaningful photographs is second to none. He has also become a mentor offering help and support outside side of our sessions. If you need someone to help capture your photograph he should be top of your call list."


"I modelled last week on Shoreline Studios evening shoot and couldn't of asked for a better evening!

Both Andrew & Georgia were very accommodating and provided an awesome spread of food!

The studio also has one of the most amazing vintage collections of clothes I've ever seen, so I was definitely in my element choosing from the huge array of outfits!

The set design was beautiful, and we worked on a variety of different styles from rustic to sixties to crazy zebra cool 

Thank you for having me, highly recommend to both models and photographers "

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