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Very Vintage - Our first Photographic Event - June 2021

In June 2021, we decided to venture into the world of photographic events. With our photography, styling and modelling experience, My self (Georgia) and Andrew decided to create our first event - Very Vintage - 1950s.

Our event took place on the 27/06/2021 at Lowestoft transport museum. We had 5 photographers in total at the event and two models. We sourced authentic 1950s clothing and 2 magnificent 1950s cars. The venue had vintage shop windows, bus stops, rail tracks and more quirky sets which allowed our photographers to explore and use their imagination. We offered Pixapro lighting and reflectors for the photographers to use, although there was brilliant soft natural light available. Each photographer had the opportunity to shoot 3 different outfits over 7 sets! Yes 7 sets!! The venue offered so many beautiful locations that we plan on going back to the same location for another event in 2022.

We we're extremely happy with how well the event went! We had planned the event and organised absolutely everything, but there is always that worry that something could wrong. Were we nervous? YES! We spent two months organising this event to ensure that nothing could go wrong and luckily none of our backup plans were needed.

The photographers all captured some incredible images, some of which are displayed in this


Involved in the event;

Models: Georgia C and James Downes

Stylists: Georgia C and Andrew McMeekin

Hair: Robert Owen haircutters

Lighting: Andrew Mcmeekin

Venue: Lowestoft Transport Museum

Special Thanks to all the who helped run the event and to the photographers who joined us,

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