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DUO fashion - Georgia and Tasha

We hosted a DUO fashion event in the studio on MARCH 27TH 2022 and it was BRILLIANT!

We had models Georgia C and Tasha in the studio creating some unique shapes with some quirky outfits. They pair also showed us their fierce strong side while wearing some empowering suits and other clothing styled by Georgia.

We had 6 photographers split into two groups over the 6 hour day who all captured 4 different sets. We created a 'room like set' for the colour pop outfits which will be redecorated in the future to look like a living room / boudoir area.

We cannot wait to see everyones final edits. Look below to see some of the behind the scenes footage...

Models: GeorgiaC and Tasha Brownie

Studio: Shoreline Studio Lowestoft

Lighting: Andrew McMeekin

Styling: GeorgiaC

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